Community Engagement Video
Water Conservation PSA sample
Animated TV Spot
Motion Tracking Graphics w/ Live Video
Motorcycle Safety PSA TV
Nonprofit Kinetic Text Video
Driver Safety – Snow Plow PSA Sample
Nonprofit Spring Campaign Video
Tech Application Promo Ad
Client Testimonial Sample
Corporate Interview driven video
Nonprofit Fundraising Video with Motion Graphics
Animated Trade Show Video
Medical Nonprofit Animated PSA
Education Motion Graphics Video
Medical Training Animated Sample
Youth Entrepreneur Award 2017- LLB
Animated Survey Spot
Motion Graphic Cyber Security
“Students of the Future” Non-Profit Motion Design
Tradeshow Kinetic Text Video
Cyber Security- Green Screen Video
“Big Move” CO Tourism
Modern Credit Application
Auto Loan Commercial
Product Focussed Motion Graphics Video
Social Campaign video sample
Software Product Motion Graphics Video
Nonprofit Experiential Marketing Video
Internet Security Animated Video
Software Product video – Green screen, Talent, Graphics
Nonprofit Marketing Video
Tech Tradeshow Video
Live Event Behind the Scenes
PSA Sample
Drunk Driving PSA
Neighborhood Tourism Guide – Interview Driven (Golden)
Motorcycle Safety PSA
Pilot Interview- Around the World Part 2
Water Conservation PSA
Corporate Case Study Sample
Telecom Conference Stage Graphics
Industrial Site Survey with GFX
Cyber Security Promotional Video
Interview Driven Tourism Video
Pilot Interview- Around the World Part 1
Non-profit PSA Sample- Human Trafficking

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