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Visual storytelling done with love.

We love our clients.  Part of our job is to understand what fuels their passions and what drives their business. We work to gather every bit of information there is to know about them. This intimate understanding allows us to provide a level of collaboration not always achieved by outsourced video production. Our best ideas come from filling the specific needs of our clients through visual storytelling.

Understand. Collaborate. Create.

Motion Graphics


Providing project management, crewing, casting, audio, stylist, lighting and location scouting. Learn More


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We’ve got the skills and knowledge to get it done.

In order to properly fulfill our clients video production needs, we must love what we do and do it well. Visual storytelling does not utilize just one skill set. It requires an understanding of many different disciplines and how they work cohesively to put forth a clear message. Our complement of services allows us to produce videos that can explain ideas quickly and effectively.

One Floor Up is a leading Denver video production company. Conference and live event videos. Public relations pieces. Internal communications and training videos. Broadcast commercials.


Pulling footage, graphics, audio and ideas together to create a final cohesive package. Learn More


The art of creating moving elements on screen. Bringing to life logos, copy, and images. Learn More


Creating original characters, elements and settings that are brought to life through animation. Learn More

Rachel Farha

Project Manager

Rachel Farha | Project Manager

Fifteen years ago, Rachel's idea of a dream job was to travel the world, meet new people, and connect those who share common interests and needs. Today that dream has been cultivated into the ability to understand a client's communication challenges and to connect them with creative resources and solutions. She has focused this incredible ability within the video production industry over the last five years, effectively turning herself into a "communications match-maker." From concept to creation, Rachel is able to fuse and ignite the most valuable creative solutions with a client's communication needs. Rachel is always looking forward to the next new friend, project or adventure as she lives her dream job.


Andrew Spain

Editor, Motion Graphics Artist

Andrew Spain | Editor, Motion Graphics Artist

Andrew began his journey into the world of production at a young age. As a child, he spent many an hour creating stop motion animations using a black and white still camera.

Today, Andrew not only excels at creating visually complex animation and design work, but also sinks his teeth into it and asserts his creative mojo until he has a fabulously animated balance of form and function. Nothing is more satisfying to him than taking on a new challenge or a new style of video.


Alex Yorchak

Editor, Motion Graphics Artist

Alex Yorchak | Editor, Motion Graphics Artist

In high school, Alex was that kid that loved telling stories.  Things never change, and often times people still confuse him for a high school student. But don’t let the fact that he can’t grow a proper beard fool you.  He’s been working as an editor and motion graphic artist for the last 6 years and has an eye for details and a passion for what he does. 

Bulldog owner. Broncos fanatic. Below average hockey player. When Alex isn’t pushing pixels, you’ll find him chasing after his poorly behaved dog or watching a re-run of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

Working in the industry has been a dream of Alex’s since he was 16. Thankfully, the talented people that surround him at One Floor Up make that dream a possibility everyday. Afterall, if you find a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.



So you want to know who we are?

Our team is as diverse as our clients and services. Each one of us brings something unique to each project. Daniel’s technical genius, Andrew’s creativity, Georgina’s vision and Rachel’s leadership allow our team to create wonderful solutions and happy clients. Consider us as your own in-house video production team just one floor up...

Daniel Witt

Video Alchemist, Tech Wizard

Daniel Witt | Video Alchemist, Tech Wizard

You know that little jingle that goes, "Ain't no mountain high enough..."? That's Daniel. Honest, creative, persistent and oh-so-techsavvy, he is typically unstoppable when presented with a challenge. He loves solving problems, whether it’s cutting together a story from random clips, or crawling under the desk to rip out a hard drive. Aside from the myriad of technical and creative skills he has amassed in the last decade, it is clear that the passion and commitment he exhibits toward both business and personal work is truly that of a bygone era, and this makes him an invaluable part of the One Floor Up team. Daniel loves orange soda and 80's pop music. (‘He blinded me with science!’)

At One Floor Up, Daniel is known as the “family man.” When he is not glued to his work, he can be found enjoying his wife and two beautiful daughters.


Jon Flacke

Account Manager, Biz Dev

Jon Flacke | Account Manager, Biz Dev

Growing One Floor Up requires focus, drive, and the ability to keep clients happy. Jon works hard to learn all about our clients’ needs and determines how we can provide creative ideas for their business challenges. He has built intense connections with people from every walk of life through his previous career as a naval officer (which took him to six of the seven continents!) and he carries this joy of meeting new people into work every day.

Jon is also the One Floor Up adrenaline junkie. He has a major case of the travel bug, and if you can’t find him at the office, he’s probably jumping out of a plane, hitting the powder, or climbing something high. He’s put his foot down on top of Himalayan Mountains, swam over Marianas Trench, and rafted down rivers in Malaysia. His positive outlook and unadulterated enthusiasm is absurdly contagious. Try not to smile when you’re with him; you’ll pull a muscle.


Gamma Phi Beta’s Philanthropic Efforts

Oct 16, 2015

Denver, CO – The Devnver Egotist picked showcased some of One Floor Up’s recent work. 

“Local production company One Floor Up recently got the opportunity to work on this inspirational video for national sorority Gamma Phi Beta — which is also headquartered in the Denver area. To increase the authenticity and punch of the piece, One Floor Up set a goal of creating the entire video with an all woman crew. A true challenge in this day and age of production. Each girl and each woman — who spoke about someone who inspired her, who believed in her, who changed her for the better — was surrounded by a crew of women who could relate or wanted to be one of the women they were speaking of. In the end, the idea and its execution is strengthened by this interesting production decision they made.”

Read more at http://www.thedenveregotist.com/news/local/2015/october/26/denvers-one-floor-tells-story-sorority-gamma-phi-betas-philanthropic-effo

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Young American’s Center 2014 CYE

Sep 24, 2014

Denver, CO – The Young American’s Center for Financial Education has just announced their winners for the 2014 Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs business competition.  The CYE business competition remains Colorado’s premier business competition for young entrepreneurs, ages 6-21. This is not a competition for business plans, but for real businesses owned and operated by our future business leaders. The Young American’s Center brought on video production power house, One Floor Up, to create a video series announcing the winners and introducing their businesses. Congratulations to Jasey’s Little Bakery and Bite Sized Bakery for your success in business and winning the CYE business competition! You can find out more information and check out the videos at the Young American’s YouTube page. Many thanks to Justin’s & Happy Cakes for your assistance in creating these videos and your continued involvement with YAC.

About the Young Americans Center: Young Americans Center for Financial Education is committed to developing the financial literacy of young people through real life experiences and hands-on programs purposefully designed to enable them to prosper in the free enterprise system. We accomplish our mission through hands-on programs that build life skills, work skills and financial self-sufficiency in more than 50,000 young people every year. Since 1987, more than 500,000 youth, up to age 22, have acquired these essential skills.

About One Floor Up: One Floor Up is a multimedia production company specializing in Corporate Communications. Our goal is to understand your brand and communicate your vision with style. We think that often, you know what you want to say, but not necessarily how you want to do it. 

At One Floor Up we work hard to understand your business needs, and act as part of your team. We take time to make sure our creative ideas are in line with your business goals. We like to think that when you are working with us, you’re working with a member of your company, we just happen to be One Floor Up…

For More information please contact:

Jon Flacke – Business Development Lead

One Floor Up

2850 Welton Street

Denver, CO 80205

Office: 720.457.5616



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