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Jun 5, 2014
Content marketing is effective

Guest Post: Content Marketing

Content marketing is increasingly getting noticed as an effective marketing strategy: 92% of marketers already employ this strategy, and 58% of B2B marketers are planning to increase their spending behind it over the next year. 

What does good content look like?

Video has been cited as content with one of the highest forms of ROI -- but it’s also the content type the highest percentage of marketers describe as “difficult to create.”

Coming up with a compelling concept can be a roadblock in of itself (sometimes a major one) - and when you hit a roadblock early on, the idea of moving beyond that gets even more daunting.

So, what are some best practices to start getting your head wrapped around that video?

Consider your audience: who are you speaking to - and what is going to resonate with them? Once you know who’s hearing you, you can start thinking about the most effective way to share your message.

Know your point: On that note, what is your message? Are you trying to educate your audience about a company revamp? Demonstrate how to use a new product? Show off some personality? Have a purpose to your video, and the execution will be that much easier.

Aim to entertain: making a video isn’t enough - it’s making an engaging video that is going to grab (and hold) the interest of your audience. Keep in mind entertaining video doesn’t necessarily mean funny - sometimes it’s a simple matter of interjecting b-roll with your interview footage; adding in motion graphics to up the visual quality; telling a story rather than talking about yourself. Consumers likely aren’t watching your video out of general interest, but because they want to know more about how your brand can benefit them specifically.

Keep the conversation going: You’ve got a compelling video in the bag, but how do you hold that attention after the video’s over? Maybe it’s a matter of including a call to action, or making this video ‘part 1’ of an ongoing series.

Once you wrap your head around the video, you can start to wrap your head around the budget. There’s an inevitable cost associated with creating a video, but you don’t need to break the bank. Check out this Slideshare we created - what does a $5k video look like? What does a $100k video look like?

Overall, video is becoming more and more accessible - especially when you think about the technology you carry around in your pocket every day. Sometimes all it takes is an idea and a smartphone to get the ball rolling.

So, how can you work video into your content strategy? 

Leah Ruehlicke is a community Specialist at Notch Video - an online marketplace, connecting businesses with the best video creators for their project.