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Our Approach

Clients come to us to solve their communication problems. As a truly full service video production company, we'll be at your side from ideation to final execution - keeping you on time and in budget all the way. Here are just a few of the ways we can solve those problems:


We pride ourselves on knowing our clients well. And we mean really well. If we don’t take the time to learn everything we can about your business, then how can we be expected to tell an effective story that will resonate with your desired audience? In order to learn your business or department’s goals, we like meeting your team first and finding out how you operate.


Collaboration allows us to take the “Understand” component of our approach to the next level. Even though we’ll do everything we can to learn your business inside and out, no one will know it better than you and your team. Collaboration is integral to developing the best possible solution for your business.


And now to the fun part: Create. Creating a perfect solution for your business is why we get out of bed in the morning and why you hired us in the first place. Breaking through the clutter is paramount to any company’s messaging, and we won’t rest until we deliver exactly what you need to speak to your desired audience and get the results you deserve.

Our Process


We need to know the problem we’re trying to solve and what type of video work you need. We’ll do some initial research and take the time to discover the good, the bad, and the ugly, along with the talent and resources within your organization. Once we have an understanding of the project and your team, we can move on to the next phase: Concept Development.

2.Concept Development & Style Boards

If you don’t have an idea to start with we’ve got you covered. That’s what our writers and directors are for. If you do, we want to bring that vision to life, and that means collaboration. Once we’re on the same page with the concept, we’ll write the script and determine art direction by sharing style boards that reflect your brand’s identity, guidelines, and goals. We’ll do an asset audit and make sure we have the elements we need, or we’ll create them for you.


During preproduction we choose a director for your project, develop storyboards, create shot lists, scout locations, select crew, and cast talent. In other words, we’re starting to make the sausage. We have a large network to pull from, and we’ll select the perfect crew to make your job come to life.


All hands on set. This is where we capture everything needed for your project. The crew, cast, audio, visual, stylist and lighting are all on location, getting down to business.


This is the last step before you lay eyes on the finished piece we’ve created. But before we start to edit, we revisit all previous phases to ensure the final product aligns with the vision we laid out. Our editors bring the video to life, incorporating animation, graphics, music, and sound effects during this phase–delivering a video that’s everything you asked for and more.


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