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Training Videos

How-To is one of the strongest categories of video content on YouTube and other video platforms. And it makes sense – you get a visual demonstration of what you’re learning, and you can replay it as many times as you need. Video is a fantastic teacher for those who need to time-shift, those who work remotely, and those who need snackable segments for training on the go. Make it easy to follow and it will work for your organization – and your customers.


If your organization has key messages that people need to watch, and access later for refreshers, video is a uniquely efficient approach. From privacy regulations to corporate standards to management training, corporate training videos give you a scalable and measurable approach to employee training. From your sales team getting trained on your new product, or the new process you’re onboarding, all the way to live webinars for your clients – and potential clients – to watch where they can get access to an expert, see a demo and ask questions.


Images are more likely to be remembered than words, and making videos available on a phone or tablet ensures that employees can see the videos at their convenience and on a platform they can carry around with them to rewatch and understand. Plus, you can measure when someone has seen the video, so you get a clear understanding of who is trained at what.


Video training can get across detailed information, but it can also include quizzes, games, discussions, and other ways to keep the video viewer engaged and participating. Plus, it can connect back to other assignments that take place at the desk or in a conference room, and you can invite others to respond with polls, surveys, follow-up discussion, and even posting response videos of their own! (if that works for your structure)

One Floor Up is the right partner for a suite of training videos. We start at the end – what will someone have accomplished at the end of this video? Then we work back through the elements needed. This includes cuts and pauses for quizzing, replays, motion graphic overlays, and anything your trainee might need to be successful.

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