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Promote Your Products Effectively with a Professionally Produced Product Demo Video

In this age of crowdfunding and pie-in-the-sky products, people need proof that your big idea really works. Product demos do this effectively, in a shareable, affordable way. Skeptical consumers like a demo video that shows step by step how it solves their problem, and why they should purchase or sign up. It does a big part of the sales job for you, and builds credibility for your overall brand on the world’s second largest search engine – YouTube.

One Floor Up’s product demo video production team specializes in creating engaging product demonstration videos that showcase your products using a combination of animation/motion products, original cinematic footage, and advanced editing. Our process results in a sales tool that presents your product in the most effective way possible — every single time.

Our Creation Process is Broken Down into Three Simple Steps

Planning the Demo Video

Before we create the video, we sit down with you to discuss the content. All videos should have the following components:

  • Product description. You provide an introduction to what your product is, and we’ll take charge of describing it.
  • While it can be tempting to focus on the features, it’s important to emphasize your audience’s pain points and how your products can solve these problems for them.
  • How the product works. A brief instruction can help your customers see how the product can help them.

Recording Your Product in Action

We use advanced video capturing, screen recording, and sound recording tools to record your product on screen.

Editing Your Video

We make sure your video is concise yet engaging. Our editors can add audio narration, trim your footage, include animated effects, and more.


If you’re sending a sales team out for a whole new product after just one in-person demo, by week two, they might feel overwhelmed. Make sure your sales team has access to a video for their own refreshers and to bring to sales meetings.


Skeptical consumers do a large amount of research before making purchases, which is likely why Google finds that 80% of consumers say product demo videos help them decide to purchase. There is no substitute for a good sales person, and your text content is key to ensuring you show up in search results and reviews. But many people would rather watch a video before making their final decision about a product than read about it – according to Animoto.


Videos work with both a leaned-in (Facebook, engaged, interactive) and a leaned-back (YouTube, passively watching, higher in the funnel) approach to ecomm. It can help remind more passive shoppers that your product is the right one for them, and it can help engaged shoppers to share your message with others they know. Shoppers of both stripes like a personal, bespoke approach to their shopping experience and video makes it easier for you to deliver that experience, even if your shop is online.


It’s true! 58% of shoppers find companies with product videos more trustworthy. For new brands, or new products from existing brands, this level of trust translates directly into sales. Make sure your customers find you – by using video in your SEO strategy – and find you trustworthy – by investing in videos as an demo and trust point. Give them a reason to trust you, and then to buy.


One Floor Up is one of Denver’s top choices for product demo video production because we are dedicated to delivering quality results.

When you work with us, you’re guaranteed a proven production process. Our team handles all aspects of the production starting with the most crucial parts — script and storyboard (aka our video blueprints). Our blueprints are designed for one purpose: to maximize the sales of your product. Everything else — set design, visuals, motion graphics, animation, etc. — are guided by the script and storyboard.

If you think you can benefit from a more effective way to sell your products through videos, get in touch with us today to see how we can make a difference for your brand.

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