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Event videos

Your live event is worth capturing. The moment people come together to share is worth documenting and making a part of your history. Building video content for sharing such as presentations, awards and event success can start with the excitement of reliving a live event. And a video livestream can expand fundraisers and auctions beyond the size of your venue.


Video is a fantastic way to spread your inspirational keynote beyond the meeting invite list. You can bring the rest of the team along with you, those who work remotely, those in other timezones, and those who for other reasons can’t hear your keynote in person. It’s important for your team to hear leadership speaking publicly on the future of the company, new trends and new ways of thinking. Video is a great way to bring forward your vision to those who can’t hear it in person.


With the right PR partner, you can make a splash, but to ensure that splash has the right ripple effect, use videos to share the event. A long-form live video will bring your audience into the event itself, and shorter, more snackable cut downs are perfect for sharing later on. When planning a pr event to showcase your innovation, make sure video is a key part.


OFU is the right partner for event setup, and for livestreaming your big day. It takes more than a static camera off the side of the stage to make the experience memorable for those attending your event remotely. Ensure that panels are well-lit and mic’d just as well as the keynotes, and do your best to get captions for audience questions and candid interviews. Make sure your event feels as strong on video as it does in person and bring more people in than you might have expected.


Kickstarter and Indiegogo are great platforms to share ideas about your next product, and test the market to see what the demand is for what you have to offer. Video production is a key part of ensuring that your project is shared widely and funded as much as possible. It helps get people excited about what you’re planning to launch, and it helps show your vision through explainers and renderings, without having a prototype on day one.


Fundraisers and gala events sometimes start with bigger dreams than budgets. Making room in a video for sponsor messages gives them an opportunity to partner with you when the program is full and the auction is silent. Let them share your story on digital boards, invites and video content between segments at your event.

One Floor Up can help record your event and prep videos from the occasion for editing and distribution. And we can help you build video content into your event planning. We’re your personal AV Club, with the equipment and experience to help.

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