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Excellent Event Management and Production with One Floor Up

As you begin your search for the right event production company, there are a few essential things to keep in mind. For starters, no two events are created in quite the same way. Setting up (and pulling off) something like a sales meeting is different from other types of events like a conference or product release. They’re all live events, sure – but the ideas at the heart of them and the values that they’re built on take very different shapes.

At One Floor Up, we pride ourselves on being a lot more than an event production company based in Denver, CO. We have helped our clients all over the country. We’re honored for the opportunity to collaborate with you. Our team works to develop a strategy to engage your audience throughout their experience. You need a partner who not only has experience in all of these types of events, but someone who wants to learn the ins and outs of your particular industry in intimate detail. Only then are you putting yourself in the best possible position to make the biggest impact possible before, during and after the event. By specializing in outstanding staging solutions, audio-visual effects, and more, One Floor Up’s event management team in Denver takes care of all aspects of your event.

Event Production: Breaking It Down

Logistically speaking, the look and sound of your live event video is key. Putting this all together can often feel like an uphill battle on the best of days, but thanks to our experience, our skills and our passion we can help guarantee that everything goes off without a hitch.

Our Approach to Event Management in Denver

Even the smallest detail significantly affects the results of your event. One Floor Up ensures all details are to help you host an event that is memorable and impactful.

Our approach to event management can be broken down into the following:

  • Event objectives and tech suppliers. We stay connected to your event’s objectives. Our team ensures that the suppliers we partner with meet or exceed your expectations. We’ll also take charge of the tech needed for your event, preventing all cases of technology problems.
  • Registration tools are a must for every One Floor Up event. We streamline your process with pre-event surveys, session scheduling, payment systems, and more.
  • Back-of-House functions. We’ll always keep in touch with your vendors and contracting workers to get updates on their progress, ensuring your event runs smoothly.

Denver and Beyond

Being a Denver based event production company allows us to have an incredible pool of creative talent. We work with industry leaders to know what the latest trends are for live events. We also take our shows to the open road. From New Orleans to New York City, we are able to create events anywhere in the world.

What we can help with:

+ Content Creation
+ Project Management
+ Logistics Planning
+ Destination Selection
+ Live Streaming
+ Audio/Visual Support
+ Post Event Content Management and Distribution

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Contact Us Today

Again, the hardworking and passionate team at One Floor Up truly understands just how important live event production is to the success of everything you’ve already worked so hard to build. There’s an old saying that tells us that “you can only make one first impression, so you’d better make it a good one.” If your live event is an upcoming product launch, you need that impression to be the strongest it can be to create a positive ripple effect across the entirety of your organization.

Pull off an unforgettable event with one of Denver’s trusted event management companies. Pull off your event with us.

At One Floor Up, we are truly honored for the opportunity to help make your success in terms of live video production no longer a question of “if,” but “when.”
If you’d like to find out more information about what an event production Denver, CO provider can do for your brand, or if you have any additional questions that you’d like to see answered in a little more detail, please don’t delay – contact One Floor Up today.

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