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Corporate Video Production Services

Unlike videos that build brand love, corporate video production can sometimes feel dry and well, snoozeworthy. But there is a middle ground between cute cat videos and important corporate messaging. (airlines made those safety videos fun, so anything is possible!) Think about an important message you need to get across, and the most memorable way to do so. Think about what your team needs from you, and consider how a shareable, rewatchable video can help you get the message across. Inspire people to take action in ways no other medium can manage with a video from a video production company in Denver.


People communicate and learn in different ways, so its important to include videos in your internal and external communications to get your message across. Videos are uniquely shareable, engaging and helpful when an important message needs to get to everyone. It might be a new initiative, product launch, sharing corporate strategy, or other types of information that deserve better than a mass email to the team. Use a corporate video to communicate clearly and get your team aligned on next steps.


Platforms are just as diverse as people, and using video to communicate makes sense in a B2B or B2C environment. LinkedIn now hosts video posts and updates, which is a huge opportunity for a corporate video to communicate your message on a more formal, business platform. And Twitter is a great opportunity to reach connected executives and business journalists. Think about video as an asset that can make someone stop scrolling and pay attention to your brand.

Plus, video is an important part of SEO and other marketing efforts. YouTube – owned by Google – is the world’s second biggest search engine. And Google indexes video search results. That means your videos are a unique opportunity to both communicate in long-form rather than soundbites, and then use that content to build your brand. The opportunity to build your traffic from search engines and build buzzworthy content by making a corporate video series is worth taking.

Our Process for Creating Effective Corporate Videos

One Floor Up produces videos that engage viewers, inspire action, and drive results for your business. We create videos that give audiences the confidence to take the next step with you, whatever that may be. Our goal: effectively frame your brand’s narrative so customers would want to engage with you.

How do we do this?

  • Step One: Set Clear Objectives. What is your goal with your video? We sit down with you to discuss the objectives your corporate video should achieve.
  • Step Two: Research Market and Audience. During our consultation, we create a clearer picture of your target audience. It gives us a better idea of the tone, message, and overall feel of your video.
  • Step Three: Decide the Core Messages. Identify the message you want to resonate with your audiences, clients, and colleagues.
  • Step Four: Script and Storyboard. Once we’ve gathered enough insight on your goals, we start plotting your video content. We create the script and the storyboard — the blueprints of our masterpieces.
  • Step Five: Film, Animate, and Edit. Shooting commences once we’ve finished our storyboard. We thoroughly edit our work to ensure the final product is 100% good.
  • Step Six: Measure Success. We study engagements to determine how our video fared for your company and use the findings to improve future projects.


One Floor Up can help you start with the corporate message you need to get across, and tell that story in a fun and memorable way. Our corporate video production services create content that delivers your message while keeping your viewers intrigued, eventually motivating them to act. We start with a vision meeting. Tell us the crux of what you need to clearly communicate. We’ll develop a script and production style that will get your message across. This strategy applies to many types of corporate videos including safety & training, welcome & orientation, executive messages and even product demos.

Whether interview style, narrated over animation, motion graphics or a guided tour, we take your target audience into account and build a story that both reaches them, and fits your brand message.

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