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Gamma Phi Beta’s Philanthropic Efforts

Oct 16, 2015

Denver, CO – The Devnver Egotist picked showcased some of One Floor Up’s recent work. 

“Local production company One Floor Up recently got the opportunity to work on this inspirational video for national sorority Gamma Phi Beta — which is also headquartered in the Denver area. To increase the authenticity and punch of the piece, One Floor Up set a goal of creating the entire video with an all woman crew. A true challenge in this day and age of production. Each girl and each woman — who spoke about someone who inspired her, who believed in her, who changed her for the better — was surrounded by a crew of women who could relate or wanted to be one of the women they were speaking of. In the end, the idea and its execution is strengthened by this interesting production decision they made.”

Read more at http://www.thedenveregotist.com/news/local/2015/october/26/denvers-one-floor-tells-story-sorority-gamma-phi-betas-philanthropic-effo