Denver Video Production

One Floor Up is the team you need for all of your video producing needs in Denver, Colorado. If you are on the hunt for a video production company that is qualified to create a top-notch and high-quality piece of artwork, look no further than Denver's One Floor Up.

We have an understanding of multiple disciplines and skill sets to put forth a clear visual message. One Floor Up offers project management to plan, organize, motivate and help control the resources involved in video production to achieve your specific goals.

Crewing is an important aspect of producing high-quality video work. Every job has different needs and goals. We have the connections to match and coordinate you with the right crew and equipment for your video production. We are here to help you produce the highest caliber video, including assistance with audio and lighting.

Casting in your video production is just as important as crewing. You need to have the right people in the right roles for your Denver video production, and we have experience in filling those spots. When you find your perfect cast, we can provide you with a stylist to help create the look and feel that you are communicating through your video production.

Finally, we provide location scouting to help you nail down the perfect setting for your visual story. Location plays a major role in helping you express your goals and ideas throughout your video production. We have several connections and resources to help you find the perfect setting to produce your message.

We collaborate closely through the multiple phases of your Denver video production in order to make the process streamlined and efficient. Our passion for storytelling shines through in every project we produce.




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