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Once you’ve put so much thought and energy into a beautiful production, you want to be sure that the final package is cohesive. At One Floor Up, we are able to fill all your video editing needs by pulling footage, graphics, audio and ideas together for a finished product that perfectly communicates your vision.

Editing should never be an afterthought. When you allow us to edit your video, we can ensure that your original vision and concept is carried through to post production. The best result is when the director and editor work closely together. We guarantee that when you use One Floor Up for your Denver video editing needs, you are getting a professional quality finish and a team that specializes in making its clients happy.

The creativity and attention to detail of Denver's One Floor Up team elevates the level of quality in every project we are involved with. When we provide editing to your piece, we are ensuring that your final product is one reached through collaboration and passion for what we do. So if you're looking for a video editor in Denver, look no further. 

Editing is one of the final pieces in a complement of services we offer to produce videos that can explain your ideas quickly and effectively.




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