Denver Video Directing

We’ve got the skills, knowledge and experience to provide directing to your video production. If you are in the Denver, Colorado area and looking for a team to fulfill the directing role in your video production, One Floor Up has got you covered.

We provide direction to our cinematography pieces, from set design to look, style and composition. This is an important aspect to your final product, as directing plays a crucial role in telling your story in a brief amount of time. We have much experience in taking your goals and needs and developing a piece that is both within your budget and successful in telling the visual story you want to communicate.

At One Floor Up, we view the world through the lens of creativity and artistry. We pay attention to every detail of your video production to help elevate the level of your project. Directing your piece helps us to fully craft your visual story to allow your passion and message to shine through. We are happy to take the responsibility of directing your production to get the best shots in a sufficient manner.

One Floor Up has the knowledge and proven track record to successfully direct your video production piece to tell your story quickly and effectively. Leave the big responsibilities up to us, we are confident in any situation! Give us a call today to find out more about our directing abilities.




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