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by Jon Flacke
Apr 21, 2016
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Education: The Civil Rights Movement of Our Time

We’re proud to partner with organizations like Central Asia Institute, who work tirelessly to improve our world.  This year CAI is celebrating 20 years of work to combat ignorance and share the gift of education. 

These folks haven’t been content to take the easy road; they’ve left convention behind to work in some of the most remote and dangerous places in the world.
Where there are often no roads, no schools, and no hope.

One of the challenges of working with CAI is that most of their work takes place in war torn, extremely impoverished, and hard to reach places. They don’t often have the opportunity to send cameras into these areas. In the past we’ve overcome this lack of footage with animation, telling compelling stories that focus on issues rather than individuals. 

This time around we had the opportunity to sift through CAI’s archival footage – and absolutely fell in love with what we found.  Village elders who want to see their communities prosper, parents who want a better life for their kids, and children who dream of becoming doctors or politicians. We were able to pair this footage with newly recorded content from a local school. We hope the message is clear – the need for education is universal. 

Take a look at Central Asia Institute. They don’t do the work they do, in the places they do, because these countries are in the news or because that’s where the money is. They’ve worked in the region for 20 years, and CAI is committed to achieving lasting, generational change.