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Welcome to our blog, or as we like to call it: your source for successful video creation and marketing tips. We provide regular updates on the latest video buzz to help you get ahead of the game. Businesses from various industries turn to our blog for guides on creating compelling visual content.

So, get ahead of the curve. Stay tuned for the latest updates from our team of creatives and video professionals.

Multiple Video Campaigns

There’s a greater demand than ever for video content that is short and enjoyable. Mobile devices are turning more and more moments into video viewing opportunities. Bored in line at the grocery? Waiting to pick up your kid? Passing time before boarding a flight? Pull out your phone and watch something. The thing about these…Read More

Show Up In the Results-SEO for Video

The amount of video watched online every minute is staggering. On Facebook alone, 1.65 billion active users watch about 8 billion videos each day (don’t even look at the numbers for Snapchat). According to the Wall Street Journal, YouTube is on track to surpass TV as the most watched format in the U.S. Meanwhile, Cisco predicts…Read More

Case Study Video that Improves your Business

At One Floor Up, we believe Case Study videos can be a cornerstone to your marketing plan. They can help you build your sales pipeline, and prove ROI. We’ve collaborated on a lot of case study videos for our customers. These videos are great tools for showing that products and services work and they have…Read More

H2Overhaul: a water-wise initiative

One Floor Up has partnered with Orange Circle Consulting and The City of Thornton to create engaging video content for their water-wise conservation campaigns. It’s been amazing to work with a team so dedicated to water conservation and environmental responsibility. Though we’ve only been involved the last three years, the team at Thornton and Orange…Read More

I Rise – with the power of education

This week, Central Asia Institute is launching the latest edition of their Journey of Hope digital magazine. It’s hard to convey just how proud we are at One Floor Up to work with this amazing organization. CAI believes that the path to lasting peace begins with education. For more than 20 years they’ve worked to…Read More

Shop at the YouthBiz Marketplace

Don’t miss the YouthBiz Marketplace December 3rd and 10th – the ultimate buy local experience. All products created and sold by Colorado youth-owned businesses. Each year we have the unique opportunity to work with local nonprofit Young Americans on their Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs. In this competition young entrepreneurs from across the state compete for a cash…Read More

Education: The Civil Rights Movement of Our Time

We’re proud to partner with organizations like Central Asia Institute, who work tirelessly to improve our world.  This year CAI is celebrating 20 years of work to combat ignorance and share the gift of education. These folks haven’t been content to take the easy road; they’ve left convention behind to work in some of the…Read More

6 Free Typefaces To Use In Your Next Motion Graphic Video

If your brand doesn’t have rigid brand guidelines, it may seem overwhelming when looking through the millions of typefaces at your disposal. In my first attempt to rid the world of the monstrosities that are Comic Sans and Papyrus, I thought it might be useful to share some free-to-use typefaces that integrate well with motion…Read More

The Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT – What does that even mean, anyway? Could it be more opaque? Well, lucky for you I consulted a little-known print/online magazine called Wired to sort out just what-the-heck this Internet of Things thing is. Here’s what it had to say: The Internet of Things revolves around increased machine-to-machine communication; it’s built on cloud…Read More

Storytelling. Relationships. Connections. Emotion.

I’m guessing that upon reading those words, the first few things that pop into your head likely aren’t advertisements. But that may be changing, at least if advertisers have their way. Take this ad, for example: Beside the somewhat unsettling nature of that child’s precocious delivery and accent, the video ad is effective at telling…Read More

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